A further step forward for InventoryClub’s success


InventoryClub, a recently launched finance platform in partnership with Inspire IT Solutions seems to have had a major step on the 16th of this month. A representative of the platform owners met with the supervisory committee of the Commonwealth, where Terry Igharoro, InventoryClub’s CEO explained to them how the InventoryClub will positively impact people living in the commonwealth including SMEs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, and how they can use InventoryClub and get access to finance and build a digital trade economy of the commonwealth.

The committee loved the idea and therefore invited platform owners to an event happening in Nairobi-Kenya next May 2019 to discuss potential partnerships with investors and organizations and further promote the platform. The team behind the promising platform expressed how excited they are about how InventoryClub can change the E-commerce scene throughout the world.

InventoryClub, the peer-to-peer trade finance platform connects investors with entrepreneurs and SME owners through an ecosystem that enables investors to buy products for Commonwealth Merchants (sellers) to sell on their behalf to make a profit.