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Be safe, be well, and leave your problems to us Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is a terrible human tragedy, affecting thousands of people across the globe. As many countries were forced into quarantine on citizens to prevent the spread of the disease after a large number of citizens contracted the disease. Coronavirus is shaking up business
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Health Labs Nutra
The Customer: Health Labs Nutra Health Labs Nutra company is a global nutraceutical company that was established in 2003 and is based out of Atlanta. The company focuses on creating revolutionary herbal products to help treat various medical conditions and provide a line of high-quality products for health-conscious consumers to improve the quality of life
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Using Artificial Intelligence
Since Planbition is a supplier of an intelligent and innovative solution for temporary workforce management, we at Planbition faced a challenge with our software regarding employees’ distribution among the work shifts. Planning and Scheduling is the core of our software where the system distributes employees among work shifts according to their skills and qualifications with
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abeer sucess story in Inspire IT company.
A success story in Inspire IT Solutions! About Abeer and its success story I am Abeer AlSharif and I am a graduate of Computer and Communications Engineering. I worked as an assistant teacher at Al-Azhar university. I also worked as Quality Assurance at Future Information System Company and as a project engineer at UNDP. I
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blockchain and bitcoin picture of an IT company Inspire IT solutions
  In the last five years, the term “Bitcoin” got popular and trendy in the world. However, a few people have knowledge about the digital currency and Blockchain. The search engines got sick of the repeated questions about Bitcoin. People search and ask, what is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? Is Blockchain same to Bitcoin? How
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IT Company Inspire IT solutions meeting with the Netherlands Embassy
  On Tuesday, 3rd of September, Inspire IT Solutions that provides IT services had a business meeting with representatives from the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah at Inspire IT Solutions office.    The meeting included Ahmad Alsaidy, the product manager of Inspire IT Solutions with Suzanne Tossings from the Netherlands Embassy.    During the meeting,
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Facebook Libra cryptocurrency and Calibra- IT Company, Inspire IT solutions
Facebook revealed its new cryptocurrency project and published the white paper of Libra cryptocurrency. The white paper showed Facebook ambitious plan to create a new cryptocurrency that will change the shape of payment transactions in the world.  Facebook aims with its new cryptocurrency using its applications to make the transactions as easy as sharing photos
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At Inspire, we are extremely selective about the technology, software, platform, database, framework, and tool choices we make for our products, and for our clients’ systems. Our key solutions include domain-specific solutions, consulting, design, development, and support. Inspire expert and creative team works on: Backend: PHP, Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Node.js, ASP.NET. Database: MySQL, SQL Server,