Employee Ranking for Work Shifts’ Scheduling Using Artificial Intelligence


Since Planbition is a supplier of an intelligent and innovative solution for temporary workforce management, we at Planbition faced a challenge with our software regarding employees’ distribution among the work shifts. Planning and Scheduling is the core of our software where the system distributes employees among work shifts according to their skills and qualifications with consideration of their availability and being fair with the distribution of employees among work shifts, so that each registered employee on the system has a fair chance of getting a work opportunity like other employees.


Our customers who use our system used to spend lots of their time and effort in checking all data of employee’s skills and qualifications to find suitable employees for the work shifts. Therefore, we decided to find an intelligent solution that can get this work done automatically, easily, fast and error-free.


We approached our software development supplier, Inspire IT Solutions, in an attempt to find a solution for this challenge. They provided us with a great solution using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the end, we got from Inspire a Web Microservice (WMC) that sorts the employees depending on their qualifications, skills, and many other parameters.


The WMC analyzes the employee distribution relationship to work designated date and work shifts depending on the employees’ skills and qualifications, designated day, and other data then it provides us with the best suggestions for employees’ order to designated work shifts.

The solution has a great impact on the work of our clients as it assists them to enhance efficiency and productivity which positively reflected on cost. This will provide our Planbition solution with a competitive advantage (i.e. embedding AI in our system) which will lead to increased sales volume and profit. Furthermore, we plan to present this solution to a conference in the USA during Q1 2020.