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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is a terrible human tragedy, affecting thousands of people across the globe. As many countries were forced into quarantine on citizens to prevent the spread of the disease after a large number of citizens contracted the disease.

Coronavirus is shaking up business and consumer behavior on a massive scale. This led to partial and full shutdowns of work, factories, & some companies that manufacture their goods and products. The Implications for Retailers to announce the temporary closure of some of its stores, in a bid to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Altogether, the closure has incurred over economic losses.


The Implications for online business.

With consumers staying home, they switch to online shopping to get their essentials & avoiding crowded public places, it makes sense that some e-commerce retailers will see an upsurge in traffic. It is worth noting that we inform you that most of our clients have enjoyed prosperity and increased profits during this critical period, especially “Health labs” Online sales increased in March compared with the prior months for health-related items.

Health Labs Nutra company is a global nutraceutical company that focuses on creating revolutionary herbal products to help treat various medical conditions and provide a line of high-quality products for health-conscious consumers to improve the quality of life naturally.

“Overall sales growth has improved tenfold during this period because we using SellEnvo”



SellEnvo has a positive impact on the Health Labs business by enhancing the management of inventory, organizes and manages all orders, customers, products, & automating most of his selling activities in one place, provides ease in adding new products and manages them using one dashboard which saves time and effort to enhances the customer experience.


Asking SellEnvo for support


“We’ve seen great results & increase buyers during this period, but we face some concerns e.g. delivery delays”


When it comes to coronavirus, proactively addressing customer frustrations and fears (e.g. delivery delays, out-of-stock products, the cleanliness of your warehouse), will support their brand’s reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

Health Labs store are starting to face some concerns, which could potentially frustrate customers, so this time took steps early on to reduce the impact, so they go to get support from SellEnvo’s team and they were able to solve all the problems by adding business intelligence tools to help theirs during this time, & they can also track customers’ engagement with using form analytics & Statistical models to better understand with different customers. In other words, tools have been added that can predict customer consumption.



E-commerce is more important than ever

E-commerce is more important than ever.


For stores everywhere, it is time to plan to address the long-term implications of the novel coronavirus, and that is most certainly true for companies where digital commerce channels will be critical moving forward, Being able to quickly and efficiently transition to e-commerce will be crucial to the health of their business as shoppers in self-quarantine turn to their phones and computers to make most of their purchases for the foreseeable future.

Finally, it is important to realize that there will be winners here like “Health Labs Nutra Company”. Those who can adapt fast and leverage online channels at the core of their business.


“SellEnvo gives every store a great deal of motivation to find answers to the current problems and then plan for the future.”