Health Labs Nutra Expands Its Business Into New Marketplaces Through Automating Business


Health Labs Nutra Expands Its Business Into New Marketplaces Through Automating Business


The Customer: Health Labs Nutra

Health Labs Nutra company is a global nutraceutical company that was established in 2003 and is based out of Atlanta. The company focuses on creating revolutionary herbal products to help treat various medical conditions and provide a line of high-quality products for health-conscious consumers to improve the quality of life naturally. The company developed itself a niche across brands and its e-commerce site as well as selling on many marketplaces.


 The Customer’s Problem

We had many orders from customer’s but the stores didn’t carry enough inventory to cover the orders Things got out of control because order information wasn’t accurate and more was being sold than inventory could cover.”

Synchronizing the data for real-time Inventory Management is the most critical point of many sellers. If a product is sold on one marketplace, the quantity needs to update on all the other marketplaces. This process is not easy, but if the quantity is not updated immediately, there will be overselling or underselling.

Health Labs Nutra tried many different types of management software as their operation grew to reduce the excessive number of manual tasks before Sellenvo.


The Solution

It was clear from the beginning that Health Labs Nutra wanted to have real-time control of its business transactions and inventory. They needed a system that could handle this issue. Here are some of the solutions that SellEnvo provides to help Health Labs Nutra:

  • Organizes and manages all orders, customers, and products in one place;
  • Develops and customizes the software based upon the needs of Health Labs Nutra;
  • Automatically updates stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made;
  • Tracks low inventory levels and shows alerts when the stock is below minimum quantities; and
  • Provides ease in adding new products and manages them using one dashboard (which saves time and effort).


“We received great support from SellEnvo’s team and they were able to solve all the problems that we previously faced.”

Benefits/Value to the Customer

SellEnvo has a positive impact on the business by enhancing the management of inventory and avoiding overselling which ultimately enhances the customer experience and customer succeeds. In addition, the software helped Health Labs Nutra to expand its business to new marketplaces and multi-channels such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.    

“So we recommend SellEnvo to anyone interested in e-commerce and who needs to grow their business.”